The Institute of Corporate Innovation and CommunityEntrepreneurship
Founded in 2019 by Pavlo Ryzhiy, an expert on Corporate Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovations in order to develop subjectness of Ukraine through the introduction of corporate and Communityentrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, corporate innovations and experimentation in private and public companies and united territorial communities.

Pavlo Ryzhiy

Pavlo has developed a strategy of innovations for the leading tobacco company (Philip Morris Ukraine), including the process of internal innovation with elements of Design Thinking and LEAN Startup, as well as the format of cooperation with external innovative ecosystems with elements of Open Innovation. Created the movement of intrapreneurs (corporate entrepreneurs). Developed a solution where employees can invest in corporate innovation projects and receive dividends in harmony with traditional organizational design of the company. Introduced flexible working methods (Agile / Scrum) to the company (from IT to sales).

He has more than 15 years of applied experience in marketing, business development and innovation management in B2B and B2C international and local companies in Ukraine, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. Worked in Philip Morris, 3M, Kraft Foods, Cadbury, Baiersdorf, Coca-Cola. He managed the rebranding of a large universal bank, took part in the global launch of YOTAPHONE, and managed the preparation of the launch of the TASSIMO business in Russia. He is engaged in the construction of comprehensive systems for managing innovations, programs for internal corporate entrepreneurship for employees, implementation of flexible (AGILE) approaches to the work of corporations. Believes in the power and wisdom of self-governing teams, Shared Values and Shared Economy approaches. He considers the role of company's Purpose as a fundamental opportunity and knows how companies can take advantage of it. Helps to develop subjectness (agency) of employees.

He received an MBA degree in the University of California, East Bay. Certified Practitioner of Holacracy and facilitation by ToP (Theory of Participation) method.

+380 50 456 47 82
  • Who is customer-oriented as result of empathic skills? We are!

    Awesome workshop "Business Transformatіons: Customer focus" from Mykola Takzey and Pavlo Ryzhiy, Braintuition speakers.

    This is the case when you try to cheat and mark the work of the speakers by two emoticons 😊😊! It wasn't a simple work on our installations; after 1.5 hour of meeting we left with a real result - DO IT.

    A big plus is the synthesis of the formal and informal communication with colleagues.

    As a result - awareness of design thinking tools' possibilities, better understanding of yourself, and, damn it, inspiration!


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